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"D'Arola" Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Our extra virgin olive oil is principally produced from the fruit of centuries-old trees (600-1,000 years).

Adhering to the same philosophy of flavor as our wines, our olive oil is never excessive but always full in flavor, fruity and well balanced, typical of the native “Ogliarola Salentina” cultivar. Our oil enhances dishes without overpowering them, leaving a light lingering aftertaste, sometimes spicy but with a light and pleasant intensity.

To maximise flavor and beneficial properties we harvest each area individually, checking for perfect ripeness, the harvest is then carried out in a delicate way, using combs, so as not to impact the trees wellbeing. Once at the mill, the extraction process is meticulous, obtaining pleasant tones of flavor and aromas of a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The oil is then stored in silos at a regulated temperature, and only packaged according to demand for shipment.



Intense golden yellow with green reflections, clear.


Fruity that reminds of herbs and fresh grass.


It has a slight and distinctive bitter note typical of the wild chicory. 


Serving suggestions
Excellent with various dishes such as mixed raw salads, boiled vegetables, soups, grilled meat and fish.


Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures.

Cold-pressed exclusively from olives grown in Italy.


Harvest area
Alto Salento (Puglia)


Variety (cultivar)
Ogliarola Salento. Autochthonous and ancient variety of the Salento Peninsula. About 600/1,000 years old plants.



HARVEST TIMENovember/December

HARVEST METHODDirectly from the plants by means of shakers.

EXTRACTION TIME: The same day of harvesting, to ensure maximum freshness of the product.

EXTRACTION METHOD: Continuous line with cold pressing.

STORAGE: Stainless steel silos placed in an underground warehouse to ensure a constant and natural temperature.

The  oil is  not  filtered  but  it  undergoes  a  natural  decantation process allowing the preservation of all its precious nutritional and organoleptic properties.

STORAGE: Store at a temperature between 12 and 18°C, in a cool dry place, away from light and heat.

Sudden and prolonged lowering of the temperature can cause the crystallization of the waxes that are naturally present in virgin olive oil resulting in smallwhite beads in suspension. This phenomenon does not affect the quality of the product but it testifies its genuine natural origin.


Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil 



Recommended for salads, vegetables, carpaccio, raw fish or smoked shellfish, white meats, pastry.


Chilli Pepper
Recommended for first courses, soups, grilled salads, pizza and ethnic dishes.


Mediterranean Herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary)
Recommended for bruschetta, carpaccio ,risotto, flank steack, white meats, fish dishes, soups.


Bruschetta (garlic, oregano, tomato)
Recommended on bread, carpaccio, mozzarella, tomato salad, fish, white meat.


Chocolate  (Bitter cocoa and dark chocolate)

Recommended for sliced beef, carpaccio, pear and cheese, prawns with figs, pasta, cakes.